bug-transparentTo get people and get people.

Getting great people to join your company is not always easy. Getting great people to stay isn’t always easy, either.

We work with companies that are truly built to last and want to stay that way by attracting and keeping A Players. We believe in a relentless commitment to client success, honest communication, and transparent service delivery. We are pain relievers and process junkies. Our solutions are smart, scalable, and efficient.

Our founder, Kelly Geary, has been providing results-oriented talent acquisition and talent retention services for over 16 years to a wide range of companies – from Fortune 10 to the lean start-up and everything in between. Services include: job description design, position marketing, interviewing, passive talent acquisition, onboarding, preboarding, 30/60/90 performance plans, pulse surveys, engagement programming, and offboarding. We get people.

“Kelly handled recruiting at a time when we could not hire fast enough on our own. She worked with managers to quickly develop screening and interview scripts, and drove a big flow of leads from which we brought on some of our greatest employees. Kelly has the ability to grasp complex hiring criteria and turn that into a process.”

Rick Westervelt

“Simply, Kelly Gets It. I first worked with Kelly at HireBetter as her company helped us to identify a critical hire. Most recently, Kelly sharpened my resume and CV in light of a request from a prominent organization. Kelly is a quintessential professional and consummate expert in all things HR and recruiting. Outstanding results from an expert with high integrity. My recommendation is unqualified and unreserved. Kelly MUST be on your speed dial for anyone hoping to get a competitive edge, both in hiring and in being hired.”

Robert Thomas

“Kelly is a wonderful business partner. She has a keen understanding of recruiting, from both the client as well as the candidate perspective. Kelly is detailed as needed but also able to see and communicate the big picture. She has a confidence that has been well earned and is also contagious, making for a more positive work environment all around. Kelly is also a strong recruiting leader. She provides well thought-out counsel buttressed by real-life experiences for a wholistic view to any situation. I highly recommend Kelly Geary. ”

Cathy McGuinness

“When I joined Hire Better as a recruiter, I thought I was joining a little outfit that did a little bit of outsource processed recruiting for a handful of clients. Little did I know that I was in for a learning experience that offered career growth and depth of learning that more than compares to some of the Fortune 500 employers I've worked for. Kelly had created a process that paralleled a lean manufacturing firm. Her sourcing and interview processes to identify top talent are excellent, and the top grading methodologies are on point. I thoroughly enjoyed working in her organization and have applied the lessons learned at HireBetter at subsequent positions. Kelly is a genuine asset when you need the right candidate identified.”

Kacey Claiborne

“Kelly has consistently added value to every engagement in our multi-year history together. Each time I have worked with Kelly, she delivered insight, expertise, and common sense. She is one of those "go-to" people that stays on your speed dial for years and never lets you down when the stakes are high.”

Andy Meadows

“Kelly brings an amazing amount of focus and drive toward accomplishing her clients' goals. She knows exactly what to do and goes about getting it done quickly based on years of amazing experience. She's sharp as a tack - able to understand core issues quickly and stay on point, even in a highly changing and dynamic environment. Her upbeat energy attracts great talent around her - creating great teams as well as a deep roster of connections. I am someone who highly recommends her to anyone in need of help in being hired, or in hiring great people.”

Jeffrey Stukuls



“As Headspring's CEO, I know on an intimate level how important the company's growth and hiring strategy is to our overall success. Having Kelly own the entirety of our recruiting and human resources function has brought stability, predictability, efficiency and a great dynamic energy that is fueling our ability to scale and enter new markets confidently. Kelly brings a robust business acumen and relentless positive attitude to solve just about any recruiting-related challenge. Her drive for excellence and ability to "make it happen" makes her a critical part of any high-growth team.”

Dustin Wells

“I have known Kelly for years and have always been trying to figure out a way to find additional opportunities to work with her. Kelly has the business savvy, the HR expertise and raw intellect to solve almost any challenge. Simply put, if you have HR questions or ANY staffing needs … your first call should be to Kelly.”

Marcus Turner

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly after I had been with Headspring for about five years. Before she came on board (first as a contractor and then full-time), we had a very rudimentary recruiting strategy that relied entirely on outside hiring agencies and employee referrals. She ramped up quickly and transformed our recruiting function, doubling the size of our company with unbelievably talented "A" players in her first year on the job. Kelly brought invaluable experience, and a well-defined set of business processes and technologies to bear which made us realize just how important effective recruiting was to our continued success as a professional services firm.”

Kevin Hurwitz

“Kelly is great at creating order, systems, processes and sense out of chaos, and using these to achieve the business purpose. She is also especially good at speaking in front of a group, delivering upbeat and relevant information to inspire and engage. She knows recruiting inside out is a very effective career coach - a true Interview Rockstar!”

Susie Buehler

“Kelly has transformed and revolutionized how Headspring attracts and retains top talent during a period of intense growth. This has not been an easy feat by any means. Headspring values people and therefore cares immensely about maintaining a vibrant passionate culture where employees thrive and consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients toughest challenges.”

Alonso Robles

“Kelly and the HR and Recruiting team that she looks over are absolutely integral to Headspring's growth and success as a company. As an organization, Headspring prides itself on hiring only top-tier talent does an outstanding job of both sourcing and recruiting the best and the brightest. Almost immediately after making her acquaintance, you realize that Kelly's dedication and success goes beyond professional obligation, that she genuinely enjoys meeting and interacting with intelligent, driven people. Did I mention that she is also awesome to work with? Because she is.”

Sam Garrison

“Kelly was fantastic to work with. She has an infectious positive attitude and enduring commitment to providing outstanding results. She is superbly skilled and uniquely talented in recruiting matters. I learned a great deal working with her, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity!”

Alan Blake


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